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Join the dev network

This article will introduce how to debug local applications by connecting to the Alaya development network.

Note: The ChainId of the Alaya mainnet is 201018; the ChainId of the development network is 201030.

How to connect to the development network to debug local applications?#

Alaya Development Network has opened the following RPC ports to developers.

RPC Address: or ws://

Access to the development network through local programs#

On the ubuntu18.04 server, download and install the Alaya binary file with the following command:

sudo wget -P /usr/bin    

Connect to the development network by the following method:

alaya attach

Connect to Alaya development network through SDK#

  • Use Java SDK to connect to the development network, for example:
Web3j platonWeb3j = HttpService(""));
  • Use JS SDK to access the development network, for example:
var Web3 = require('web3');var web3 = new Web3('');
  • Use JSON RPC to access the development network, for example:
curl -X POST -H 'content-type: application/json' --data '{"jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"web3_clientVersion","params":[],"id":67}'

You can also access the network through SDKs in other languages than in the above.

Token Receive the development network test token at the faucet#

Click Faucet to receive the test token. If you need a large number of test tokens, please send an email to in the following format:

 Title: Alaya Development Network Test Token Application Name: Contact details: WeChat ID (or other instant messaging software): Application amount: Usage: Account receivable: Remarks: 

After successfully accessing the development network, you can send the transaction after receiving the test token, and start testing. You can check the transaction in the development network explorer.