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Intro to Alaya

What is Alaya?#

Alaya is the world's leading distributed financial infrastructure of a new generation, and is committed to providing developers, nodes, data providers and other participants with a secure, high-performance, and scalable "sandbox" of distributed financial applications.

Integrating blockchain and privacy-preserving computation capabilities, Alaya promotes the technology sharing and exchange of financial data in a secure, private, and compliant way, with an ultimate goal to serve the world's inclusive finance.

Also, Alaya is the pilot zone of PlatON, the global next-generation privacy-preserving AI infrastructure, and will work with PlatON to build basic facilities for full-circulation services of data elements.

What's the Relationship between PlatON and Alaya?#

Alaya serves as PlatON's pilot area and meanwhile shares the same underlying technology with PlatON. Moreover, Alaya is an independent "digital lifeform."

As the world's leading decentralized privacy-preserving AI network, PlatON is committed to serving data assets + model algorithms + computing power trading platform; it establishes a complete ecosystem for the capitalization of data elements from cognition to decision making. PlatON essentially serves data assets, and functions as the human brain oriented to AI. It can be used in fields where human data are extensively applied such as finance, BioTech, and government affairs.

Alaya is positioned as a distributed financial infrastructure, and, relying on its advantages in finance and cryptography technology, it has built a safe, compliant, efficient, privacy-preserving and distributed financial application system. This financial infrastructure and trading system functions as human hands, feet and perceptions in dealing with transactions and affairs, and aims at the reconstruction and upgrading of the financial paradigm of the existing Wall Street system.

Massive technologies, services and community practices will be tested in Alaya before being migrated to PlatON.

The two share the same vision, compliance, financing and community of the LatticeX Foundation, yet with different orientation and application scenarios.

The Future of Alaya#

Since the release of Alaya less than one year ago, we have adhered to a "proactive, stable and prudent" principle in the construction of the Alaya ecosystem. Our ecological infrastructure has been continuously improved with multiple easy-to-use wallet clients, stable blockchain explorers, and distinctive DApps including the cross-chain and lending.

These are inseparable from the outstanding developers in the Alaya community. In the future, we will continue to develop in the following directions under the concept of open-source community governance:

  • Improve the developer infrastructure
  • Fully support Ethereum applications
  • Integrate privacy-preserving computation technology to provide more valuable application scenarios for DApps
  • Go deeper into the distributed financial infrastructure