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Ways to contribute

As an open-source technology community, Alaya is jointly maintained and built by community contributors from all over the world. Regardless of the specialty and level, you can contribute to Alaya and make a difference to the entire Alaya community in many ways.

Here is a list of things where the Alaya community needs your help and how you can get started. Even if what you want to do goes beyond the list, we appreciate your contribution. For any question, please feel free to submit an issue on Github or publish a post on Forum to seek suggestions from the community.

Code Programming#

As a new generation of distributed financial infrastructure, Alaya is a huge project that cannot be completed by just a few core developers. We look forward to more community developers writing and maintaining the code together with us. Yet you may get confused if you start from development right away. Therefore, we put a "Help" tag on functions or bug fixes that you can help with. We suggest you start from there.

Active repositories on Alaya at present are listed below:

Documentation Writing#

With the constant release of code, products, tools, and applications, a large number of concise and clear help documentation is needed for the convenience of users. Therefore, we need more people to help us write all kinds of documents (including video tutorials) needed for each project, or translate them into your language.

This Alaya document library is still under constant revision, and you are welcome to contribute. For details, please refer to Contribution Guidelines.

Community Support#

If you like to communicate with people, you can join Alaya's chat group and discussion community to establish contact with people who have a common goal, help those in need, and jointly ensure the healthy and orderly development of the community. The community's communication and discussion channels mainly include: Alaya Github, PlatON Github, [LatticeX Foundation Github](https:/ /, Discord, LatticeX Forum, Reddit.

Contribution efforts include but are not limited to:

  • Referring repeated questions to the same link and getting question labels sorted
  • Elaborating on open questions to promote discussion
  • Answering questions about the project, including those public

Graphic Design#

If you have art and graphic design skills, you can contribute to the community by designing logos, icons, banners and other content, which will improve the user experience and aesthetics of the project. Contribution efforts also include designing a website, promotional materials or illustrations for document guides.

Application/Protocol Building#

You can build whatever you like based on Alaya or integrate existing applications with Alaya. Your creation may change the world.

You can join the chat group and discussion forum to get help or feedback on your questions/ideas, if any. You can also apply for developer funding with the LatticeX Foundation to support your project.


Many problems of blockchain, privacy-preserving computation and AI technology are yet to be solved. If you are interested in various technical and professional issues, you can join the community research group and contribute to related studies. Your ideas may make a difference to the technological evolution.

Welcome to email, and tell us the fields of your interest so that we can get you involved in something both interesting and valuable.