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PlatEye is a professional blockchain explorer for PlatON and Alaya networks. Based on the professional in-depth analysis of on-chain data, it provides the community with massive data and versatile data analysis and query functions. Through PlatEye, you can query information such as blocks, transactions, account addresses, nodes, large account addresses, and large transactions.

Access to Alaya blockchain:

Major Technique#

PlatEye employs Apache Flink, a high-throughput, low-latency distributed streaming data processing framework, for statistics on the latest data. Data that need to be retrieved, e.g. transactions and contracts, are processed and stored in the Elastic Search cluster. Data can be queried and retrieved within milliseconds using the MySql database. The front-end uses the Vue.js framework, while the back-end uses Java, separate from each other in development. The CDN uses Cloudflare. The information on the chain is accessed through the node rpc. Meanwhile, the client needs to be modified to obtain the transactions in the current transaction pool, which is used to work out the relationship between the time the transactions are packaged in the transaction pool and the gas.

Function Description#

Home page#

  • The home page of the explorer displays the latest information on the current ATP. The latest block and the list of the lastest transactions are displayed in scroll bars.
  • There is a block/address/transaction search bar where you can query block/address/transaction information through the query function provided by the explorer.


You can query specific information about a block, address, and transaction by entering the block height, address or transaction hash value respectively.

Address holding ranking#

The PlatEye explorer shows the ranking of staking by address. Click on the blockchain in the navigation bar and then the address to view the address list and ranking. Addresses can be ranked according to the total amount, liquidity amount, lock-up amount, and total staking amount. Click on the address to skip to the address details page to view the details of the address.

On-chain information monitoring#

You can view the transaction list and detailed information, monitor large transactions, check lock-up balance and lock-up plans, etc.

Ranking of nodes and node details#

You can view the node list. The details page provides the relevant data of the node with a snapshot available for download.

Token list and transactions#

You can view the list of ARC20 and ARC721 tokens, with details of the token name, holder and corresponding contract, as well as the list of transactions corresponding to the token.

Functions under Development#

Gas station#

For the statistics of gas consumed and the estimation of gas required for transactions.

Smart contract module#

To display smart contracts deployed on the Alaya network, open-source code, contract interface data, etc.


To display DApps in the current ecosystem and submit a DApp.