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Alaya Developer Docs

This documentation is designed to help you build with Alaya. It covers Alaya's philosophy, explains the Alaya tech stack, and documents advanced topics for more complex applications and use case.


If you are new to Alaya, we recommend starting at the beginning and working your way through like a book.

  • Intro to Alaya - A basic introduction to the Alaya network.
  • What is ATP - Here you can get a comprehensive understanding of what ATP is, what it does, and how it is used, etc.
  • Staking & Delegation - A brief introduction to Staking and Delegation.
  • ATON wallet - A comprehensive instruction on the use of ATON.
  • Blockchain Explorer
    • AlayaScan
    • PlatEye - An Alaya blockchain explorer was developed by the community. It provides an API interface for developers.
  • Network Description - Here you can learn what networks we have and the differences between them.


  • Architecture - Here you can learn about the design of the overall architecture of Alaya, and the introduction of the core modules.
  • Economic Model - A comprehensive introduction to Alaya's economic model.
  • Governance Mechanism - A detailed explanation of Alaya's governance mechanism is provided here.
  • Consensus Mechanism - A detailed introduction to Alaya's consensus mechanism.

Join us#


If you want to join the Alaya network as a node, the following guidelines can help.

  • Intro to validator - Here you can learn what is a validation node, how to become a validation node, the benefits and responsibilities of a validation node, etc.
  • Run a fullnode - How to deploy nodes and how to pledge to join PlatON's main network.
  • Tools for nodes - The following tools can be used to assist you with the management of your nodes.


General users#